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Cost-Efficient Geothermal
Heating and Cooling

Energy from the earth to heat your home: Clean. Renewable. Low Cost. Available Everywhere.

Geothermal Heating and Cooling

What is geothermal heating and cooling?

Simply put “geo” means earth and “thermal” means heat. Therefore, geothermal heating and cooling transfers heat from the earth to the home or office when using a water source heat pump (WSHP).  Due to the constant temperature of the earth…

geothermal heating can achieve an efficiency (COP) of up to 5.0. This means that for every unit of energy put into the WSHP, it can remove up to 5 units of energy to utilize for space conditioning.

Benefits of geothermal heating and cooling include:

1. Energy savings up to 70%- compared to gas furnaces and air conditioners

2. Improved aesthetics- geothermal heating and cooling systems utilize a packaged unit that eliminates the need for an outdoor AC. this reduces noise and wear and tear.

3. Longer Life- water source heat pumps have a much longer life expectancy than conventional systems. They have a lower maintenance cost

4. Eco friendly- Water source heat pumps are recognized by the DOE and the EPA for their superior efficiency.

5. Positive Cash Flow- The monthly utility  savings often are greater than the added cost of a system.

Renewable Energy
Low Utilities
Propane Alternative
Green Energy

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Benefits:
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Reliable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Flexible

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Geo Thermal Energy:

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Featured in Forbes

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