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Cost-Efficient Geothermal
Heating and Cooling

Energy from the earth to heat your home: Clean. Renewable. Low Cost. Available Everywhere.

Closed Loop Projects

  • Vertical Closed Loop – Donnelly -
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    Cascade Lake – Vertical Closed Loop Private Residence 5000 sq ft, Donnelly Idaho New Construction – 2 geoexchange systems connected to common closed loop   This home is located right on Cascade Lake. Space restrictions didn’t allow for a pit with horizontal slinky loops. Instead a driller was employed to drill six vertical bore holes. […]

  • Mountain View Drive – Boise Idaho -
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    Private Residence 4000 sq ft, Boise Idaho Retrofit – Connected to existing earth loop   WaterFurnace Envision 2-Stage, variable speed blower, with R410A.

  • Idaho Geothermal Horizontal Bore – Ground Loops -
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    South Slope Private Residence 5800 sq ft, Emmett Idaho New Construction   We installed two Carrier ground loop heat pumps in this large home. Pictured here is the horizontal bore machine used to install the loop piping. Instead of digging a pit for slinky loops, we decided to experiment with a horizontal bore machine. This […]

  • Idaho Geothermal Horizontal Slinky Loop -
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    Private Residence 2200 sq ft, Gooding Idaho New Construction   This home employs a Climate Master geoexchange system and 4 Ton loop field. Also installed is an HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) which provides fresh air to the home while conserving energy. Exterior walls in this house are built from Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). The SIP’s […]

  • Idaho Geothermal Slinky Loop Sweet Idaho -
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    Private Residence 6500 sq ft, Sweet Idaho New Construction   We were selected as the geothermal contractor to install the earth loop for this custom home in Sweet Idaho. It connects to two water-source heat pumps to provide heating, A/C, and all domestic hot water.

  • Idaho Geothermal Ground Loop Emmett, Idaho -
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    Private Residence 3800 sq ft, Emmett Idaho Retrofit – Removed propane furnace, electric furnace, and two A/C units   Installing this ground loop was challenging due to the sloped hillside. You can see the soil contained a large amount of river rock which made for a tedious backfill process as well. We are often able […]

  • Idaho Geothermal – Mountain Home, Slinky Loop -
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    Private Residence 2811 sq ft, Mountain Home Idaho Retrofit – Removed propane furnace and A/C unit   This customer purchased this home, and immediately contacted us to install a geoexchange system. When he called the propane company to come and get his tank, they said “We are very sorry to loose you as a customer.” […]

  • Idaho Geothermal New Construction 11,000 SF Boise Idaho -
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    Private Residence 7400 sq ft Residence, 3300 sq ft Woodshop, Office, Apartment Space New Construction   This horizontal closed loop serves over 10,000 sq ft of heated space, domestic hot water, radiant floor, and hydronic air handlers. We installed a single WaterFurnace Envision to heat the 7400 sq ft home with four separate heating zones. […]

  • Idaho Geothermal Geothermal Heating Caldwell, Idaho -
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    Private Residence 4200 sq ft, Caldwell Idaho New Construction   6 Ton water source heat pump and closed loop system. Zone controls allow three independent heating areas. The horizontal slinky loop configuration continues to be the most cost effective install in this area. Soil conditions and the heat load of the house always dictate the […]

  • Idaho Geothermal Horizontal Closed Loop – Mountain Home Idaho -
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    3,800 sqft new construction – Mountain Home Idaho   The presence of lava rock will sometimes dictate the shape of your ground loop pit or trench. It certainly is not a show stopper though. We simply trucked in some clean top soil to bed our loop pipe. Once the slinky loops are covered, you can […]

Renewable Energy
Low Utilities
Propane Alternative
Green Energy

Geothermal Heating and Cooling Benefits:
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Lower Life Cycle Cost
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Quiet
  • Reliable
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Flexible

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Geo Thermal Energy:

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Featured in Forbes

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